On our micofair you will find IO-Link products and you will get important information about their use and application. You may also find partners which help you to develop your products. The following companies will take part on our microfair.

IO-Link sensors, actors, tools and master for all established bus systems with 16-channel.  

AS-i/IO-link module, IO-Link master.

Industrial Communications Solutions – from IO-Link up to OPC UA

IO-Link masters for Industry 4.0 with integrated OPC UA

IO-Link Wireless Master, Bridge, Device and Software Products

Intelligent power distribution systems and DC 24V overcurrent protection


Trendsetter for industrial automation.

IO-Link Analyzer

Intelligent sensors, IO-Link master, Diagnosis Tools.

iqInterface - IO-Link master + generic IO-Link device wit USB, RS232 and Ethernet Interfaces.

IO-Link & IO-Link Wireless Toolkits for development of IO-Link Masters and Devices

IO-Link devices and master.

Connectivity of smart sensors in machine building and plant construction

Parameterization, configuration and integration - from the sensor into the cloud


IO-Link Solutions from Sensors to PLC’s

IO-Link Signal Beacon and Signal Tower enable the visualization of digital and analog input from actuators and sensors.

SmartBridge - wireless in-line sensor management.

Wide range of individual vacuum component products, from suction pads and special grippers to vacuum generators and Switches for automated processes.

Smart sensor solutions powered by

Integrated automation and data transparency to the sensor / actuator.

Technology for product developpers.

Tool changing via IO-Link at Industrial Ethernet with tool identification.

Easy integration of IO-Link devices in various fieldbus systems.

IO Link Signal Tower for process status indication and use as a level indicator.