Application Report

Sector: Machine tools

Application: Automatic setting of sensor parameters

IO-Link offers you clear advantages for initial parameter setting as well as for parameter setting when a unit needs to be replaced.


A machine tool contains multiple sensors for detecting pressures, levels and temperature. The sensors used today are set manually using keys and a 7-segment display. Initial parameter setting and resetting when a unit needs to be replaced is time-consuming and costly. Nor can the risk of a parameter setting error be precluded. The customer is looking for a way to automatically identify sensors and set parameters in an automated manner.

Problem solution

IO-Link capable sensors are identifiable through their Vendor and Device ID. The program recognizes the connected sensor, checks for correctness and sets the sensor parameters using the associated parameter record. With this solution even sensors from different manufacturers can be used. IO-Link also offers a solution for the standard sensors installed on the machine: The signals from these sensors are ìcollectedî in a simple way using IO-Link sensor hubs and passed along to the controller.

Products used

  • 1 x IO-Link Master IP67 for Profibus with 4 IO-Link channels
  • 3 x IO-Link sensors for pressure, level and temperature
  • 1 x IO-Link Sensor hub for ìcollectingì standard sensors

Customer benefits

  • Fast initial startup of the machine
  • Drastically simplified sensor replacement when failures occur, shorter downtimes
  • End use does not have to worry about setting sensor parameters
  • Greater security through errorless parameter setting
  • Centralized documentation of the parameter sets
  • Simple connection of standard sensors using IO-Link
  • Remote diagnostics possible down to the sensor level (maintenance support through the manufacturer)