German Workshop-Speakers

Dr. Elmar Büchler (Murrelektronik GmbH)
Dr. Büchler is Head of the IO-Link Marketing Working Group.

Jürgen Eichinger (ifm efector gmbh)
studied electrical engineering, specializing in communications engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance. He has been with the ifm group for 26 years, first in the software development of optical proximity switches. Since 2012 he is head of the software development group for ifm's position sensor technology. Jürgen Eichinger has been an active member in the 
    "IO-Link Wireless" Working Group since the start of 
    the activities for in 2016. Since last year he is 
    head of this working group. 

Holger Exner (Siemens AG)
Holger Exner has joined Siemens in 2014 working in various positions. Since 2020 he is responsible as product manager for the IO-Link master portfolio of the SIMATIC ET200 distributed I/O systems. Mr. Exner has been a member of the marketing working group of the IO-Link company community since 2020.

Hansgeorg Haffelt (Baumer GmbH)
Hansgeorg Haffelt worked for many years as a product supervisor and product manager in the field of explosion protection. Since 2019 Hansgeorg Haffelt has been Product Market Manager at Baumer GmbH in Friedberg, Germany, responsible for the Sensor Solutions division (position, proximity and measuring sensors). 

Peter Kamp (SICK AG)
After studying Mechatronics, Peter Kamp worked as development and application engineer for different companies in automation industry since 1994. In 2005 he joined the SICK AG and since 2013 Head of Central Unit Industrial Software in Central Department Research and Development.

Ralf Kaptur (KUNBUS GmbH)
Ralf Kaptur works with the technology supplier KUNBUS as product manager for fieldbuses and IO-Link. After studying electrical engineering and communications engineering, he worked in the IT industry for many years before switching to industrial communications. There he accompanied various products and developments around the topics of OT infrastructure, sensors and actuators.

Svenja Klöß (Pepperl+Fuchs)

Svenja Klöß studied electrical engineering in Mannheim. She has been working at Pepperl+Fuchs since 2009 and since 2012 in Sales Germany, Division Factory Automation.
A special focus of her work is IO-Link as a technology including the associated products, as well as Industry 4.0.

Stephan Langer (Balluff GmbH)
Stephan Langer has been working in the field of industrial automation since 1993. In 2010, as Product Manager, he assumed responsibility for the Industrial Networking product portfolio with the main focus on IO-Link at Balluff GmbH. Since 2018, Stephan Langer, Director of Industry Portfolio, has been responsible for the automation systems
of Balluff GmbH for the Packaging,
                            Food & Beverage Industry.

René Neumann (Festo AG & Co. KG)
After studying electrical engineering, René Neumann worked as Project Manager for several national and international enterprises in the field of factory automation and the energy sector. In 2015 he joined Festo as Product Manager, being in charge of the IO-Link product portfolio and distributed IOs as well as topics concerning
Industrie 4.0.

Michael Schwarz (Leuze)
During his training as a mechatronics engineer, Michael Schwarz learned a lot of practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the industrial environment. After the following industrial engineering studies in Esslingen, he started at the sensor manufacturer Leuze. Since 2015, as product manager for measuring and optical distance sensors, he has also been responsible for part of the IO-Link product
    portfolio and is gaining experience in 
    various applications.    

Sai Seidel-Sridhavan (Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG)
Sai Seidel-Sridhavan works for Turck since 2012 and is being Product Marketing Manager since 2016 after four years working in the Product Management for Position and Proximity Sensors. Beside the Marketing Working Group he also represents Turck in the IO-Link Steering Comitee.

Wolfgang Wiedemann (Murrelektronik GmbH)
Head of Application Sales Consulting at Murrelektronik since 2012. Prior to that Wolfgang Wiedemann headed the electrical department in a machine tool factory. Besides of the IO-Link Marketing Working Group he is also acitve member in the WG PROFIsafe Marketing.

Peter Wienzek (ifm electronic gmbh)
After completing his studies in electrical engineering, Peter Wienzek worked at the development department of a major mechanical engineering company. Then, he changed to ifm group. Since 2013, he is responsible for the global launch of Industry 4.0 technologies, such as IO-Link, smart sensors and LineRecorder Software.