Installation & Commissioning

Once a machine or piece of equipment has been developed and designed, the time-consuming phase of installation and startup begins. Here the individual components need to be electrically connected to each other. This is followed by adjustment and parameter setting.

By using IO-Link this effort is significantly reduced. In addition, the number of different parts and error frequency will be drastically reduced. This is achieved through

  • Simplification of the cabling through standardization, and
  • The ability to automate startup through parameter data storage and duplication

This applies equally to all kinds of sensors and actuators. Here are a few practical examples:

Reduce assembly time

Example of a packaging system, equipped with a complex device such as a color sensor


with IO-Link

  • Sensor is installed and electrically connected
  • M12, 8-pin connection
  • Termination is expensive and time-consuming
  • Connection cable rarely available pre-assembled
  • In-house cable assembly required
  • Mistakes are possible, but are found and remedied

  • Sensor is installed and electrically connected
  • M12, 3-pin connection
  • Connection cable available already assembled and tested
  • No in-house cable assembly, no sources of mistakes
  • Cost-effective, rapid wiring


Example of a paint robot, equipped with multiple pressure sensors


with IO-Link

  • System pressure must be applied
  • Switch point, hysteresis and N.O./N.C. function
  • Process takes several minutes per sensor
  • Time increases by a factor of several when there are different system pressures

  • Automated startup will be possible in the future
  • Parameter sets can be downloaded in seconds