Application Report

Sector: Pharmaceutical packaging

Application: Validation in blister packaging equipment

IO-Link assists in validation of equipment and machines down to the smallest sensor and actuator.


Different materials are used in the feeding of deep-draw film. The differentiation between aluminum deep-draw film and transparent film should take place right at the feed point of the machine. All the settings and adjustment to the sensor should be reported to the controller. Sensor operation should be possible using various access codes.

Problem solution

An optical sensor makes the distinction between aluminum and transparent plastic film. The returned degree of transmission is accomplished using IO-Link in the form of a percent value from 0% to 100% (high-transparent to opaque). IO-Link is used to report all direct operator actions on the sensor to the controller and log them there.

Customer benefits

  • Each film change is detected by the sensor and logged in the controller
  • A broad material distinction is made at the earliest possible point in time
  • Sensor parameters such as contamination level can be logged during the production process
  • The sensor can be set directly from the controller
  • Machine and process validation down to the lowest automation level