Call for experts for "IO-Link smart actuator profile"

The Smart Sensor Profile is an enormous success within IO-Link. The achieved standardization makes it much easier for the customer to take sensors from different manufacturers in operation.

In recent years, more and more actuators with IO-Link interfaces have come onto the market. Many of these actuators have similar functions, which can be standardized to allow control via function blocks, for example.

Therefore, a new profile working group, focusing on electrical und pneumatical drives, is looking for experts, who are willing to contribute actively their experience and requirements in this field.

Possible issues are:
• Requirements
• Scope/Classification
• Common functionalities
• Parameter structures
• Integration of the Smart Sensor Profile
• Function blocks
• Testability

All interested member companies are invited to join this working group. Please sign in if you are interested until Jan 31th, 2020 via e-mail to

[published on 09.12.2019]