IO-Link Digital Days

May 06 - June 03, 2024

Experience the future of digital industrial communication at the IO-Link Digital Days (May 06, 2024 - June 03, 2024). The IO-Link Digital Days provide a global platform for leading companies, users and integrators. Experience innovative presentations in English, presented on the interactive platform "Gather". Meet key players for IO-Link services and products who will present their latest products and expertise and network with other users and integrators. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be inspired by renowned exhibitors who will be presenting innovative IO-Link solutions and services. Immerse yourself in the world of digital machine networking and discover how these exhibitors are shaping the future. Interactive, informative and groundbreaking. Be there when the industry meets and ideas become reality!

Two sessions will take place from the beginning of May to the beginning of June. The events will be divided into four sessions, each focusing on a different topic. To ensure that participants from all over the world can take part, each session will be offered as a "Morning Session" and an "Afternoon Session" to take account of time zones and make the event accessible to everyone. During the sessions, a tour guide will lead you through the virtual exhibition, where you can view technical presentations and use cases from the exhibiting companies on current topics relating to IO-Link.

A particular highlight of the Digital Days: the keynote presentations on May 22, 2024 - users will report on the use of IO-Link in their systems and share their experiences.

Registration / Dates

Duration 1 hour each

1. Event (May 06 - May 17, 2024)

May 06: Basics
May 10: Benefits
May 13: Technology
May 17: Future

Registration_Morning-Session, 09:00 hrs CET 

Registration_Afternoon-Session, 15.00 hrs CET

Keynote for Event 1 and 2 (May 22, 2024)

Morgen Session, 09:00 hrs CET

Afternoon Session, 15:00 hrs

(no separate registration required)

2. Event (May 24 - June 03, 2024)

May 24: Basics
May 27: Benefits
May 31: Technology
June 03: Future

Registration Morning-Session, 09:00 hrs CET

Registration_Afternoon-Session, 15.00 hrs CET

Participation is free of charge. Each registration will be confirmed separately by the organizer by email.