IO-Link on the PI-Konferenz 2023

IO-Link is one of the top topics at this year's PI Conference

Following a successful appearance with a live demo at the 2022 SPS trade fair in Nuremberg (Germany), the IO-Link Community will also be exhibiting the IO-Link Safety multi-vendor demo at the PI Conference (March 22/23, 2023 in Frankfurt) and at the Hanover Trade Fair (April 17 – 21, 2023). All the devices have seen continued development, so even more functions can now be presented during live operation.

Work on the certification of IO-Link Safety has also progressed, and the relevant specifications have been completed. Development work at several companies has continued to the point where the first approved devices can be expected shortly. IO-Link Safety will thus soon see its market introduction, and the IO-Link community is expecting to see a great deal of interest in this new technology on the part of users.

You'll be able to hear about the latest information on IO-Link Safety in a presentation at the PI Conference. Experts will be available for information and discussion at the multi-vendor demo on both days. Naturally, other informative presentations will also be devoted to IO-Link technology at the PI Conference, where the agenda will include presentations on IO-Link Wireless, profiles, integration into the world of IT and the use of IO-Link with digital twins and mapping in virtual worlds.

When the IO-Link Safety specification was created, not only was a communication layer defined, but the topic of integration was taken into account and implemented from the get-go as well. As with IO-Link, integration into additional safety bus systems (FSCPs) was specified. With this, an integrated safety system which seamlessly transitions from IO-Link Safety to PROFIsafe, for example, is made available to the user. Since everything's covered by tested specifications, the user saves both time and money and can get started right away. The topic of integration will also be reported on at the PI-Konferenz .

So there is something for everyone at the PI-Konferenz. Registration and program can be found at Please note, this event is in German language only.

[published on 13.02.2023]