Approved Component List and Manufacturer Declaration

New conditions regarding quality issues.

We would like to inform you about new conditions of IO-Link regarding quality issues.

According to the IO-Link Community Rules and the Product Quality Policy the IO-Link Community maintains since Q2/2022 an Approved Component List (ACL) for masters and devices. The ACL is public and shall show and ensure the quality of IO-Link products. Please note the following procedure for IO-Link devices and masters:

  1. For IO-Link devices the ACL is implemented by publishing the manufacturer declaration on the IODDfinder.

    It is now mandatory to upload the IODD together with the manufacturer declaration. An IODD upload without manufacturer declaration is not possible any more. The procedure is described on the available Manufacturer declaration on the IO-Link website:

  2. For IO-Link masters the ACL is implemented as an Excel sheet. It is free for vendors to add and register their products on the master ACL.


    The registration on the ACL List is invoked by sending the product information and the manufacturer declaration to Andreas van Eckendonk (

[published on 24.11.2022]