IO-Link Member’s Assembly: Success for Innovation and Growth

The IO-Link Members Assembly, which took place on June 6, 2024 in Bad Soden, was marked by lively discussions and significant progress.

At a variety of different workshops, a whole host of new ideas were created and the intensive exchange of information was encouraged, forming the basis for future development.

Lively discussion and innovation
The workshops held at the member’s gathering provided a platform for enthusiastic discussion and creative exchange. It became clear that forward progress is being made in big steps. Participants were able to contribute many innovative ideas with the potential to help shape the future of IO-Link as technology of the PI portfolio in a significant way.

Success and future-orientation
Another highlight of the gathering was the celebration of impressive market figures. In 2023, 15.9 million new IO-Link devices were installed, which corresponds to record growth of 89% compared to the previous year. The total number of installed IO-Link nodes is now an impressive 51.6 million. Growing device numbers on the market underscore IO-Link’s success. At the same time, the way in which we could further advance IO-Link to meet the continuously changing needs of the industry was also deliberated intensively.

Continuous growth despite the crisis
Despite challenges on a global scale, IO-Link saw continuous growth in membership this year. The community grew to encompass 485 members, a sign of the strength and resilience of the global organization, which is actively promoting further development of the innovative point-to-point technology and is offering many benefits for its members.

Invitation to active participation
Every participant of the assembly had the opportunity to actively take part and help determine the direction IO-Link, but this can also be done outside of such gatherings at any time. Collaboration in working groups and participation in trade shows, forums & Interop Workshops etc. are open to all members and are also well received internationally. This open approach is a key to further success.

About IO-Link
IO-Link is a globally established standard for industrial communication which is revolutionizing efficiency and flexibility in production technology. With a growing number of members and users across the world, IO-Link is setting standards in industrial automation.

[published on 19.06.2024]