New vendor-neutral data platform for IO-Link devices

The IO-Link Community presents the IODDfinder, a new, central database for IO device descriptions This service offers advantages both for manufacturers as well as for users of IO-Link technology: IO-Link manufacturers can use the advantage of the consistent and always current data pool. Resulting for users, on the other hand, is a central access point for all available IODDs, making the often cumbersome online search for IODDs from different manufacturers a thing of the past.

The device description is a piece of software code that provides information on the functionality of an IO-Link device. Because this is not an executable program, the IODD is to be considered less as driver software and more as a template for the functions of an IO-Link device. The IODD is an important part of a device and must be accessible to the user. A central, vendor-neutral database for IODDs simplifies work for IO-Link users in day-to-day use of the technology.

The new IODDfinder online service can be accessed either via the IO-Link website or directly at Use of the IODDfinder is free of charge for users and members. IO-Link members can receive a free user account for the database by registering via e-mail at

There are already more than 3500 IO-Link devices from 38 manufacturers listed in the data portal. Thus, the IODDfinder offers users a very good overview of the wide range of available IO-Link devices – not only sensors and actuators, but also useful IO-Link accessories. It provides manufacturers of IO-Link devices with the possibility to provide not only the IODDs, but also additional and background information on their devices.

[published on 09.03.2017]