Development & Design

Optimizing manufacturing processes also means expanded access to important machine and equipment data. IO-Link opens up the lowest field level and offers an additional and integrated data channel down to the smallest sensor and actuator.

Machine flexibility, production process optimizing and remote serviceability are important performance parameters for machines and equipment.

Proximity to the production process brings competitive advantages

Additional sensor information can be tapped into with minimal hardware and software effort.


with IO-Link

  • Not available for small sensors
  • Only available with expensive sensors
  • Additional wiring effort
  • Additional interfaces
  • Difficult to perform diagnostics
  • Difficult parameter setting
  • Lack of data retention makes device replacement difficult

  • Down to the smallest sensor
  • Available for simple standard sensors
  • Full functionality using 3-conductor standard IO cable
  • No more analog, binary and serial RS232 interfaces required
  • Full range of diagnostics with no additional effort
  • Full parameter setting capability with no additional effort
  • Data retention enables plug and play