IO-Link Safety Webinar for the whole world

After thorough preparations and work, the IO-Link Safety project has reached a level of maturity that enables an easy and low-risk entry into product development. Specifications, successful concept tests by TÜV and IFA, availability of software stacks as well as testing and certification are in place. Reason enough to report on this status again, as the previous 2-day training courses in Karlsruhe could no longer be held due to Corona. The IO-Link Safety Team therefore decided to present the content in compact form in a webinar worldwide.

This webinar took place on 20 and 27 April 2021 and was structured according to topic and even considered different time zones. On 20 April, technology (protocol, engineering and functional safety) was presented twice: from 8am to 11am and from 4pm to 7pm.

On 27 April, development support, testing and certification were also presented once in the morning and once in the evening. Important here was the date for a "Supervised Interop" on 10 November 2021, where safety testers and products as well as safety products can be tested against each other. More information on this will follow shortly.

The webinar was very successful with more than 300 participants worldwide. The two-phase timezone concept also facilitated participation from Asia and America. The webinars were recorded. If you are interested in obtaining the link to the recordings, please contact

The IO-Link Safety Team will use the experience to put the previous 2-day training courses with examination and TÜV certificate on a new platform.

[published on 28.04.2021]