Call for Experts - Task Force Single Pair Ethernet for IO-Link

IO-Link developed as the leading standard for field level communication which integrates in automation and IT systems.
The IO-Link eco system today offers benefits like:

• International accepted open standard
• System Integration into all relevant systems worldwide
• Widespread offering of devices and components
• International acting community
• Vendor crossing engineering
• Profiles
• Quality network and services
• IoT integration

This made IO-Link to the international independent leading standard.

The current standardization of SPE – Single Pair Ethernet – offers new possibilities for the IO-Link eco system.

A team of strategic marketing, product management and technology specialists (application, protocol, electromechanics, installation, planning, supply concepts, topology, application fields) should work out a strategic concept. This concept is intended to be the base for the decision to start working groups.

Target: Systematically work out a detailed proposal for the resulting Single Pair Ethernet for IO-Link strategy.

The task is:

• Requirements for IO-Link over SPE
• Competitive analysis
• Market positioning
• Potentials, opportunities and impacts for IO-Link

All interested IO-Link member companies are invited to join this working group and take over working packages. Please sign in if you are interested until 2020 June 20th via e-mail to

[published on 11.05.2020]