Call-for-experts: IO-Link Safety Integration in PROFIsafe

Ever since the new specification on Integration of IO-Link V1.1.3 into PROFINET is published in January 2020, the necessary preconditions are given to start activities on Integration of IO-Link Safety into PROFINET/PROFIsafe.

A new working group is looking for experts, who are willing to contribute actively their experience and requirements in this field. Areas of concern may be for example:

- Extension of the slot model
- Start-up synchronization
- FS-IO data mapping (using the white paper model)
- Engineering/commissioning
- Suspend/resume port operation (optional)
- OSSD issues

All interested member companies are invited to join this working group. Please sign in if you are interested until May 31th, 2020 via e-mail to or

[published on 23.04.2020]